$10 / month
  • Membership to the Pioneer Discord server and all related events;
  • “Backstage Access” to Eyebeam public programs;
  • First access and 10% discount on artist-collaboration merchandise (coming soon)

$25 / month
  • Invitations to observe Eyebeam Stop Works, which are closed-sessions for artist fellow and resident cohorts to be in critical dialogue around works-in-progress as well as the urgent issues that they are addressing through their practice;  
  • Eyebeam deluxe tote
  • +all lower-tier benefits

$750 / one-time
  • Invitations to salon-style conversations with artists, curators, journalists, and other thought-leaders;
  • +all lower-tier benefits

$2500 / one-time
  • Acknowledgment on our digital Donor Wall for donations over $5000;
  • End-of-year gift; items may include artist-recommended and authored books, artist prints, zines, and artist-designed Eyebeam merchandise;
  • +all lower-tier benefits