Eyebeam bears a legacy in New York like no other. As digital technology grows increasingly embedded in society, we center artists as actors of social change. We amplify the needs of the most vulnerable communities and provide artists with what they need most to birth responsive solutions. We seek out radical perspectives on technology and its effect on generations to come. And most of all, we serve as a home for a community of remarkable, interdisciplinary artists as well as technologists, curators, art enthusiasts, and thought-leaders who enter our fold.

As we look towards an ambitious 2021, Eyebeam is unveiling a new initiative that aims to bring our public closer to the core of what we do— to serve as a hub within which we can imagine a better future for all.

Introducing THE FOLD, a pilot membership-based series of dynamic exchanges designed to look critically at society’s complex relationship with technology, and to reveal the innovative designs and hopeful imaginings of today’s most radical artists. Choose from four charter-level membership levels today.